Benefits of male chastity

What are the benefits of male chastity and why are so many men jumping on the chastity train? There are many reasons for the boom in chastity but not all reasons apply to all men. The benefits of male chastity vary from one man to the next though many will have a least some of the same reasons why they have joined the ever-growing ranks of chastity men.

Here is a random list of the benefits of male chastity.

Submissive men want to wear a cock cage for their Mistress, Master, wife, husband or significant other. They are eager to please and often if a Mistress or master will take you on a requirement is to be caged and for many it is full time male chastity.

Often a woman will demand their man wear a chastity cage and the reasons include:

Control of the man’s sexual well-being, control of a man that has been caught cheating, the woman is aroused by having a caged man, better sex from a man that has been wearing a cage long term along with the woman being the dominate one in the relationship.

Many men find that one of the major benefits of male chastity is control of their own sex drive. There are men that have such an intense drive for sex that it ends up controlling their life. Wearing a cock cage and using a key-holder helps you train to control those out-of-control urges, it can be a lifesaver and a relationship saver too. Being able to learn to control your sex drive is an important goal. This is a benefit of male chastity that crosses over too many of the other reasons and plays an important role in the decision to get into chastity and wearing a cock cage.  

The ultimate orgasm! Many men will wear a chastity cage for extended periods just so they can have the best orgasms of their life when the cage is removed. Talk to a hundred men that wear chastity cages and no matter what their reason for being caged they will almost all agree one of the maker benefits of male chastity is the unbelievable orgasms they have when the cage is removed after wearing one long term.

Often men choose to wear a chastity cage because they enjoy the feeling of having their cocks locked away in a cage. This one is hard to understand until you have tried it. The feel of your penis locked up in a cage and so utterly useless is something that needs to be experienced for one to understand.

Chastity training is used on men that are sissies and living a sissy lifestyle. Sometimes it is used as punishment or humiliation and other times as part of the sissy training process. Becoming a sissy and living the sissy lifestyle is not something to take lightly it is a huge change in the person life to come out as a sissy. Many men contemplating the life of a sissy will start the journey be wearing a feminizing compression style micro chastity cage.

Feminized men are often caged and many of them are wearing chastity cages that are compressing them to the point where they no longer appear male, that is the penis is miniaturized by wearing an ultra-micro male chastity cage.

The benefits of male chastity for men that considered themselves a sissy and those working on sissy training is well known but we will discuss here for those not familiar with the sissy lifestyle.

Chastity and sex play are more popular than ever. Here you will generally have a couple that are into experimenting with different sexual fetishes and may or may not be into male chastity as a lifestyle but are definitely into it as a sexual experience.