Ultra-Micro Cages

The Chastity Blog will focus on ultra-micro chastity cages over the next number of blog posts. For those of you who are not quite sure of what an ultra-micro male chastity cage is, I will explain. This style cage comes in many flavors but the one thing they all have in common is that they compress the shaft down to almost nothing while looking it away securely and keeping you from have any sexual pleasure at all. The boys at Chastity Blog have tested many ultra-micro cages over the last year plus and we will be bringing you lots of specific cage detail over the next number of posts. Just the names of some of these cages should give you an idea of what they look like but again keep in mind that we will be posting many photos on Chastity Blog posts to come. Cages with names like the Munchkin cock cage, Eunuch cock cage and the Castrate cock cage should put images in your head of cages that are so small that the idea is to feminize and humiliate the wearer and in some cases that is true. These cages do make your penis virtually disappear but there is many man wearing these cages that love this compressed look and are proud to wear something so small and precious. Ultra-micro cages have a maximum cage length of ¾” with some styles featuring inverted chastity which is one of the newest and most exciting trends in male chastity. The inverted style forces the shaft inside the wearers body cavity with stunning effect though in my opinion the inverted style may be too much for someone just starting out. Our crew at the Chastity Blog will do our very best to bring you hard to find chastity details.