Why so small?

The Chastity Blog asks why so small?

The last chastity blog post talked about the trend of micro and ultra-micro cock cages and I have received a lot of e-mails asking about this trend. We also received many from guys that are already into it and how that has changed their lives. In this post we will talk about why the trend is so popular. For a more detailed inquiry we contacted the boys over at the Male Chastity Store at koalaswim.com. They are well known for having the largest and most interesting collection of micro and ultra-micro cock cages and chastity devices and were happy to share that information with the readers of the Chastity Blog. My first question is why so small. I figured that would be an easy one but it turns out to be more complicated because there are many reasons why men are switching to these tiny cages. Instead of doing a multi-page post I decided to just list some of the reasons. Here we go: Many wearers are looking for a feminine effect to their chastity and this cannot be had with standard size cages so they are going smaller, much smaller for a feminine look. Humiliation for many is a big part of their chastity lifestyle and training, going micro or smaller subjects the wearer to wanted and unwanted humiliation, again this is not all wearers but it does affect and influence many. One of the main reasons for switching to these tiny cages and training the penis to be small in them is for fashion and comfort after all these cages weigh far less and you can wear anything you want form regular pants to the smallest thong swimsuit something you could never do with a full-size cage. Many wearers are interested in compressing their penis for the pleasure of doing it, I fall into this category myself and I find it extremely enjoyable, after all wearing a cage may be by choice or it may be forced upon you, either way you might as well enjoy it.

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